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9780988478435-Case-4_2Pieces of Someday; One Woman’s Search for Meaning in Lawyering, Family, Italy, Church, and a Tiny Jewish High School

Winner of the Reader Views Reviewers’ Choice Award

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is the purpose of my life?”  If so, read this book.

At the age of forty-four, Jan Vallone is everything her Italian American parents brought her up to be–a lawyer, wife and mother who owns a vintage home and takes European vacations. But instead of feeling happy and successful, she’s consumed by frustration and anxiety that threaten to shatter her marriage and have dimmed her faith. Discarding prosperity and prestige, she takes a job teaching English at a yeshiva–an Orthodox Jewish high school–though she was raised Catholic. There, she opens her heart to her students, who bloom under her tutelage and teach her the meaning of faith and fulfillment.

Set in New York, Seattle, and Italy, this memoir portrays how one woman fuses the facets of her life–family, career, ethnicity, spirituality and dreams–into a cohesive picture as luminous as stained glass.

Includes a special vocation workshop for readers who would like to discover their callings.


Book Details

Publisher:  Green Darner Press (December 2013)
Paperback:  $19.95
ISBN-13: 978-0988478435


Praise for Pieces of Someday

A wonderful memoir. Vallone’s narrative gift–by turns lyrical, funny and raw–and her awareness of grace provide the ‘fusion and repair’ that render a life whole and meaningful. Read about her life and gain new insight into yours.

–Gregory Wolfe, editor of Image literary journal

An extraordinary book. Ms. Vallone’s candid musings on the essence of beauty, the search for balance, the importance and meaning of religion and the many kinds of love are awe-inspiring and oftentimes poignant.
–Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson, reviewer for Reader Views

A memoir with a lovely interfaith flavor and a loving testament to the importance of the diverse people who come into our lives and help us learn who we are and who we can become.
–Art Feinglass, Founder of the Seattle Jewish Theater Company

Something rare: a story that is deeply personal, and yet one that will resonate with countless contemporary women seeking some deeper gratification beneath the surface of success.
–David Sobel, editor and writer, former Editorial Director of Times Books at Henry Holt and Company

Vallone is truly a gifted writer and I fully enjoyed the immersion in her colorful, aromatic and poignant reflections. Her feisty spirit, probing mind and buck-naked honesty are arresting. And her way of telling the story, folding back layers of time and perception, is captivating.
–Barbara J. Elliott, author of Street Saints: Renewing America’s Cities

An exotic bouquet. Some of the flowers Vallone offers are in full bloom and fragrant with sweetness, while others are pungent with the awkward aroma of painful self-awareness. All of them are lovely.
–Chad Thomas Johnston, author of Nightmarriage



Author Biography

Jan Vallone is the author of Pieces of Someday: One Woman’s Search for Meaning in Lawyering Family, Italy, Church, and a Tiny Jewish High School, which won the Reader Views Reviewers’ Choice Award. Her stories have appeared in The Seattle Times, Good Letters, Faith & Values in the Public SquareCatholic DigestGuideposts MagazineEnglish JournalChicken Soup for the Soul, and Writing it Real. Once a lawyer at a large law firm, and later an English teacher at a tiny yeshiva high school, she now teaches writing in Seattle.


Contact Information
Green Darner Press
Kari Hock, Managing Editor
9600 Stone Avenue North
Seattle, WA  98103
Green Darner Press is an imprint of Gemelli Press LLC.


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